Serene Life Hospital provides holistic care for mentally affected and mentally ill people. Our treatments follow proven, internationally acclaimed and time tested methods to provide a lasting recovery from the psychiatric conditions. Our therapies include the right mixture of the psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy to minimise the recovery journey while still creating lasting changes on the lives of the patients.

Medical Management

Medical Management, also called detoxification, is the process in which patients are helped in their move towards abstinence from substance or any other harmful behaviour. This process is aimed at acute withdrawal wherein the patients are treated to bring back their usual routines and physical health by removing the toxins from their body. At Serene Life Hospital, we assist our patients with withdrawal management through anti-craving medications and substitution treatment is provided. Also, psychiatric disorder management is provided depending upon the patient’s individual need and requirement.

Individual Counselling

Sometimes called psychotherapy, Counselling is a process through which people get to express their thoughts to a trained mental health clinician also called a therapist. The aim is for the person to learn about their condition, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. In Serene Life hospital we provide psychotherapy to patient to help them learn about themselves. Through the process patients learn to take their lives into their hands and build self-awareness and self-confidence. Our counselling sessions have been known to boost communication skills in people and enhance coping mechanisms within them.

Family Counselling

The family counselling or therapy is similar to individual counselling. Here, the well-being of the whole family is taken care of. This means the entire family has to willingly participate in the process for betterment of familial bonds. Usually the patterns of behaviour in family members are identified in these sessions. The underlying problems in the family are identified and the patterns of behaviours that cause problems among the family members are addressed. This allows for the individual members to correct their behaviours with the rest of the family actively supporting them. In Serene Life hospital, our Psychiatrists provide family therapy sessions, with confidentiality, so that both individuals and families can improve their mental health.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is not the same as family therapy. It is done by bringing together individuals who face similar psychological issues. These sessions are presided over by a psychiatrist who encourages the individuals to share their experiences with regard to the common problem. This provides for people with alternate perspectives about the problem itself and different means to tackle them. Group therapy sessions are done with regard to every psychological issue we know of. Here in Serene Life Hospital we encourage our patients in group therapy sessions so that they may not feel alone and afraid while going through their treatments.

Marital Counselling

In marital counselling, a trained counsellor assists couples to express their problem towards each other and help them resolve those issues. Also called marriage counselling, it helps couples of all types, recognise and resolve all problems related to their relationship. Through marital counselling people can take meaningful decisions about rebuilding their relationship with their significant other. Also, they learn how to strengthen their relationship along the way. In Serene Life Hospital, our psychiatrists provide Marital counselling to couples who need help to maintain their relationship. A definite ‘No to divorce’ is the personal motto of our psychiatrists in this regard.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of CBT is a type of psychotherapy procedure designed to help people identify and correct their destructive thought processes that poses a problem for their actions and behaviours. In Serene Life Hospital, we provide the patients with a treatment that focusses on changing the negative thoughts that causes emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety. These negative thoughts are replaced with positive thoughts that are more objective and realistic. CBT is also provided to patients seeking other specific forms of psychological problems like Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Panic attacks, etc. The treatment is mainly concerned about the mental well-being of the patients.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training is more of a practise than a procedure. It is necessary for anyone who suffers from social anxiety or depression or repressed anger. The need to assert ourselves in a situation is a natural human response when interacting with people. However, if we don’t get the chance to do so, the subsided thoughts tend to cause psychological problems such as psychosis and bipolar disorders in the long run. In Serene Life Hospital, we provide counselling and training for patients who want to gain more confidence in expressing themselves meaningfully in any situation. CBT is also an effective procedure for assertive training, but only in extreme cases.

Life Skill Training

Life skill training is very important these days. The stressful lifestyle and work environments have made it difficult for people to cope with familial and social pressures. Our psychiatrists at Serene Life hospital help people adapt to the changing environments and time. The training sessions aim at boosting the self-confidence of people and help them shape up their own identity. In other words, the psychological competency of a person is improved, so that they can change the way they interact with themselves and their surroundings.

Relapse Prevention Management

All psychological treatments and interventions have a period of effectiveness. After a while the effectiveness of the therapies tend to diminish as the person faces more challenges. That is why, countering this short term success with adequate action and continuous effort is important. Relapse Prevention Management readies you for this lifelong journey after the treatment. You will be empowered with tools and techniques to actively counter the challenges and changes in life. This prevents you from relapsing into the pre-therapy levels of psychological illness and mental state.

Psychological Relapse

Psychological relapse occurs when the symptoms of a mental illness returns to a person. This may cause the person to function ineffectively. Here in Serene Life Hospital we provide treatment for psychological relapse as apart, of continuous treatment to our patients. It is to be noted that relapse is not a sign of failed recovery. It is normal for patients who undergo treatments to see these symptoms. The risk of relapse is high within the first 90 days of recovery. During this period, the patient is sensitive to stress and will be tempted to fall back into their old behaviour.

Emotional Relapse

Emotional relapse is when people experience negative emotions during their recovery. They tend to develop self-destructive behaviour due to the change in their regular habits. Most people are unaware about this form of relapse, since it happens subtly. Anxiety, intolerance, mood swings, anger are some signs of emotional relapse. It can cause social Isolation, disrupted sleep patterns, unhealthy eating habits in patients. Our psychiatrists in Serene Life hospital we provide our patients with therapy and counselling to help them cope up during this stage. The families of the patients are also advised on how to help their loved ones come through the stage.

Physical Relapse

Physical relapse is the last stage after emotional and psychological relapse. Moreover, it is the total failure of control and the patients resort to their old behaviour compulsively. However, it is treatable and it is normal in patients who are under recovery. Serene Life Hospital offers specific therapy sessions to people who reach this stage. Most times, these conditions are treated in early stages of psychological relapse itself. However, in severe cases, continuous therapy and counselling is provided to our patients.

Peer Group Sharing

People with severe mental illnesses problems have found peer to peer sharing very useful. It helps them share their experiences with other facing similar situations. Most times they feel comforted when they see others progress in their therapy and feel encouraged too. In Serene Life Hospital, our psychiatrists encourage group sessions and help patients interact with each other. The new bonds and friendships that they form makes them encourage each other to recover faster. The positivity is key here. Nowadays, online communities have helped people connect with others facing similar problems. A good psychiatrist in their midst will help them even more.

Support Groups

Support groups or self-help groups are voluntary groups or organisations that bring together people facing similar mental illness problems. Each group has its own unique set of approaches to the common illnesses. It is this difference in approach that makes these support groups effective. The participants actively share their experiences with everyone in the group while actively encouraging each other. This helps them face similar problems related to mental illnesses, problems, family problems, etc. Most times these groups help the people to learn newer ways to tackle their own personal problems. At Serene Life Hospital, we organise our patients upon their consent to join into groups and help them share and learn more about themselves and others.