Who Needs In-Patient Care

In some cases of extreme mental illness and problems, the individual becomes uncooperative. In such cases, it is necessary to provide the required care and medications by force. Such forceful treatment is the only way to help those people who needs it the most. Self-hate, hate for others, extreme anger, anxiety and paranoia are common in severely affected people. Due to the severity of the problems, most people don’t voluntarily seek professional help from a psychiatrist hospital. In such cases, family and friends of the affected person should take the initiative to bring the person to the hospital. When there is a risk of suicide or violence, providing residential mental health treatment is effective. Extended periods of treatment ensures a steady and strong recovery from such tendencies in the future. At Serene Life Hospital we provide residential mental health treatment in Chennai.

Who Needs Out-Patient Care

Out Patient care is required for people who are cooperative and who seek out treatment voluntarily. When people are aware of their mental issues and actively seek out the support of psychiatric hospitals, half the problem is solved. However, the journey to complete recovery is a long and tedious one that needs the support of experienced psychologists. At Serene Life Hospital in Chennai, we provide therapy sessions for a number of mental problems. The techniques and approaches followed depends on the nature of the problems and the severity of the problem. We provide treatment for low self-esteem, substance abuse, family or relationship problems. Our counselling sessions and therapy takes you through the worst phase and makes you a happy individual.

Admission Procedure

The individual’s family member has to provide details regarding the patient and their problem behavior either in person or through calls, then they will be provided with the information regarding their illness. If they are willing to admit their ward, then their family member should visit the hospital and its facilities Before Admission between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm (Monday to Saturday). If they are about to admit their ward, family should admit their ward in hospital or if needed hospital would arrange for Rescue Services. After admission family need to meet mental health professionals to provide Medical History and Case History and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the hospital for the treatment to be carried out. The treatment varies from person to person depending on the type of illness and severity of the illness. Treatment period also differs depending on the individual and their progress.

We provide inpatient care for those who are not in touch with the reality, whose behavior is unmanageable, who are dependent on substances, due to which the day to day functioning of the individual gets impaired and affects all aspects of the individual’s life.